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Question of the Week: My Insurance Agent or Broker is Forcing Me to Buy Marijuana Product Liability Insurance. Do I have a choice?

Are There Other Marijuana Insurance Companies that Offer Just Commercial Liability Insurance or Product Liability Insurance?


This question was presented most recently when a cannabis grower needed commercial general liability only.  They weren’t interested in buying product liability insurance at the time due to cost constraints.  The additional premium was close to $2,800 per year.  Unfortunately, the retail insurance broker presented insurance quotes for two different insurance policies was unable to comprehend this was beyond their budget.   The insurance carrier and its representatives required both policies be purchased as a condition of the sale.   The selling of insurance is fundamentally about doing what is in the best interest of your client and do no harm.      

If you need marijuana insurance that doesn’t require you to buy commercial liability and product liability “packaged” together the good news is there are other marijuana approved insurance companies willing to offer you the single line of insurance. 





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