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Attorney Robert J. Corry’s Letter to Denver Officials–”A Man’s Home is His Castle”

Attorney Robert J. Corry’s Letter to Denver Officials–”A Man’s Home is His Castle”

Corry’s Letter to be Distributed at 4/20 Event as “Plausible Defense”–Get Your Tickets Here! Affirmative Defense for Denver 420 Rally

This is classic legal prose from marijuana attorney Robert J. Corry to Denver public officials over consuming pot at the annual 4/20 rally.  Corry artfully uses his legal skills to drive certain points home without being too offensive.

All of Corry’s letters should be compiled and provided to first year law students (“1L’s”) to be used in their respective school curriculum.  These letters seem to make those legal principles come “alive” for those 1L’s whose heads have been spinning for quite some time.

For those of us without a law degree or our basic knowledge includes we shouldn’t speed, the Corry letters provide valuable insight into the interactions between lawyers and our state or federal government.  Corry is correct, the citizens of Colorado voted to regulate marijuana like alcohol,  President Obama did smoke pot as a kid and the vast majority of folks getting locked up for pot are ethnically diverse.

Besides anchoring numerous legal theories, Corry’s letters are always entertaining and offer a few good laughs.  Some of my favorites in this piece include:

“It was important to we framers of the Constitution that individuals and entities who own, occupy, or control a piece of property have the say on what happens on their property related to Amendment 64. As we say in America, “A Man’s Home is His Castle…..  On 4/20, Denver’s Civic Center Park is Our “Castle.
“This letter is not to be construed to limit our future right to expand the scope of our permission by allowing the “sale” or “growing” of marijuana at the event in future years. At this point, 420 Rally organizers have opted for an incremental approach for 2014, taking small “baby-steps,
“We understand that a fringe minority faction of the Denver City Council has engaged in irresponsibly belligerent threats about an alleged increased Police enforcement of petty offenses this year at the 420 Rally. Fortunately, the Denver Police Department serves not as a personal police force at the “beck and call” of any individual City Council member, but rather serves all people and takes an oath to uphold the Colorado Constitution.”
“Which brings me to another point of this missive. It is important for  public servants to recognize fact, and live in the world of reality.
Robert J. Corry Jr, Esquire


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