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Mountain High Infused

Mountain High Edibles
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Infused Products Manufacturer:  Mountain High Edibles

Mountain High leads the Colorado’s edible’s industry in quality, consistency and potency.  We’ve been in business since 2009, making the state’s most delicious and consistent edibles and hash.  As a member of the Cannabis Business Alliance, we are committed to helping to set and maintain the highest standards of ethical business practices in the industry.

What makes us different?

Consistency: We use RM3, a Boulder based lab to test every batch of tincture. Then, we use the results of the testing to adjust the tincture level in each batch of products we make. The result: when we say that a product has a certain level of potency,  we know that it actually does.  

Compliance: Our 5000 ft square foot kitchen in Boulder is fully compliant with state and local requirements throughout the state. Our labeling meets and exceeds DOR standards and provides clear and accurate information on dosing.

Taste: Our products are delicious. We’ve spent a lot of time refining our recipes so that the taste of our delicious ingredients comes through; not the taste of the medicine.

Best Price Point in the Industry: Delicious, potent, consistent and competitively priced? Yes!

Service:  We service our accounts with our own sales reps.  That means we are in control of all steps of the process and don’t depend on other people to represent our products or make our deliveries.  We are just a phone call or an email away 24/7.

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